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SignTools 1 Help

My SignTools Menu Keeps Dropping Out. What Can I Do ?

Unfortunetly both CorelDRAW 7 & 8 have a problem with the menu configuration file. The SignTools menu is a customization of this file. Occasionally the menu file becomes corrupt when the program crashes or hangs.
When this occurs the SignTools menu is still there, however the tools don’t seem to work. To rectify this problem you can re-install SignTools. It is not necessary to uninstall SignTools first.
Advanced users can make a copy of the CorelDRAW menu configuration file (cdrmenu.cfg) and store on a floppy or in a temp directory.. Whenever the SignTools menu drops out, simply copy the file back over the corrupt file.

CorelDRAW 7

The cdrmenu.cfg file is located in the Corel\ Draw70\Draw directory.

CorelDRAW 8

The cdrmenu.cfg file is located in the Corel\Graphics8\Workspace\
CorelDraw8\_default directory.

If you are using a different workspace to the default, the cdrmenu.cfg file can be found in one of the following directories:-

\Adobe(R) Illustrator(R)
\CorelDRAW 7
\CorelDRAW 8 VGA
\Internet Layout
\Learning CorelDRAW
\Macromedia(R) \Freehand(TM)


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