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SignTools FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. I am having problems activating my SignTools 3 Software. Can you explain the activation process ?

A. Below is a link to our SignTools Activation Help page.

SignTools Activation Help

Q. I can't get some of the text commands to work.  All of the 'Shade and Decorations' commands won't work.  Outline, Relief Outline etc. all give me the message "Please ensure only one object is selected".  I think I have the text selected until I click the command and the message appears.

A. It sounds like you are using "Paragraph Text" in CorelDRAW. The tools in SignTools will only work with "Artistic Text". To create "Artistic Text" click on the text tool then click on the page... don't drag the mouse when clicking on the page otherwise it will be "Paragraph Text.

Q. Which versions of Coreldraw are compatible with SignTools 3 ?

A. SignTools 3 is compatible with the following versions of CorelDRAW:-

Full versions of CorelDRAW 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & X3
CorelDRAW Select Edition
CorelDRAW Classic
CorelDRAW Essentials

SignTools 3 is not compatible with Corel 9 Office or CorelDRAW Essentials 2.

Q. What is new in SignTools 3 ?

A. Below is a list of new features.  

New Tools  

1. Relief Outline - Creates an outline around an object that has a relief space between the outline and the object.
2. Relief Outline & Shade - 
Creates an outline & drop shade around an object that has a relief space between the outline & shade and object.

3. Emboss - Created an appearance that the lettering or object is embossed out of the background.
4. Vinyl Saver -
A powerful nesting tool that optimizes your files to use less vinyl.

5. Auto Numbering - Creates consective numbers quickly and easily. Has many options including:- Choice of Font, Size, Weedbox, Place horintally or vertically, etc.
6. Cut - Direct cutting from the SignTools menu. No need to export files or place hairline outlines to get the objects to cut. Design in full color, with or without outlines.  

Enhanced Tools

1. Descriptive Text - Comes with an extra 50 templates to choose from as well an an option for single color effect.
2. Price Formattor -
Comes with new templates.

3. Rego Marks - 
Now has the option for 2 or 4 rego marks as well as an option to place them inside the object(s).

4. Color Seperator - Now has the ability to select the colors that you require. Also now names the pages by color.
5. Weedbox - Now has the option to apply an individual weedbox each object objects with one click.
6. Stripe Effect - New options including a choice of Horizontal, Verticle or Angled stripes. Also on Horizontal stripes you can now choose starting and ending points.  

New Interface

SignTools 3 has a new floating interface. It is now interactive and has a look that is both modern and helpful to the user. When you place your curser over a SignTools button it shows you the look of the effect. This can save you much time when deciding which shade or decoration to choose. It can also help you remember exactly what a specific tool is used for.

Q. I have SignTools version 2 and would like to know if I am eligible to upgrade to version 3. If so, what is the upgrade price ?

A. Version 1 and 2 users of Signtools can upgrade for $185 Australian (approx. $149 USD). To order online click here.

Q. How does the Cut tool work in SignTools 3 ?

A. Below is a link to our SignTools Cut page showing screen shots as well as a brief explanation of the Cut tool.

SignTools 3 Cut Tool

Q. I am having trouble importing EPS file into Corel ?

A. Although strictly speaking this is not a SignTools question, we get asked this at least once a week. The answer can be found in a step by step on our CorelDraw Sign Tips Page.


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